BARNYARD BALLERS : Nudie bar blues
Album Nudie bar blues
Format CD
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2001
Genre Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Hillbilly

BARNYARD BALLERS : Nudie bar blues

Best release yet from American Psycho-Punkabilly hicks the Barnyard Ballers. Lots of tasteless and depraved original songs, as we have come to expect from the Ballers. Featuring guest musicians from The Nekromantix, Godless Wicked Creeps and The Guana Batz. Not for the easily offended.

Tracklist :

01. Perverted Man
02. Porno Slut
03. Nudie Bar Blues
04. Mamma's Breast
05. God Boy
06. Hole In My Bucket
07. Take Your Pants Off
08. Barndance
09. Bullies
10. Livin' In The Hills
11. Ugly Chicks
12. Nudie Bar Blues
13. Terror Of Tijuana.


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