BRAINS, THE : Drunk Not Dead
Album Drunk Not Dead
Format CD
Label ply
Year 2011
Genre Psychobilly, Horrorpunk, Rock'n Roll

BRAINS, THE : Drunk Not Dead

The Brains,again these guys continue to constantly impress. Drunk Not Dead is one stellar album. This is killer psychobilly,intense,in your face and power-full stuff. 13 tracks coming in at around 30 minutes that leaves you wanting more Highlights include "Take What I Want","Six Rounds" and "Gato Calavera. You would be hard-pressed to find a bad song here.Overall this is The Brains best album yet and one could argue that they are one of Canada's best bands. Also they have added another guitarist ;Brad Graves from The Grave Mistakes.Now you have to ask yourself, how good can they possibly get, the answer is pretty scary. Highly


Tracklist :

01. Horsemen
02. Four Beast Ride
03. Take What I Want (Souvenir of Monte Christo)
04. We Are The Brains
05. Six Rounds
06. Oh Murder!
07. Premonitions
08. High On Speed
09. Gato Calavera
10. Drunk Not Dead
11. Pourquoi Me Laisser
12. I’m your Nightmare
13. In League

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