BLOOD SUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE : Anatomy of the dead (Live Unplugged)
Album Anatomy of the dead (Live Unplugged)
Format CD
Label Schlitzer-Pepi Records
Year 2013
Genre Psychobilly, Horror-punk

BLOOD SUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE : Anatomy of the dead (Live Unplugged)

Excellent live album from Vienna's Horrorbilly Zombies. 21 songs recorded over two shows, including gruesome gems like Cannibal Holocaust, Nightmare In A Damaged Brain, Mondo Video as well as a covers of Frenzy's classic I See Red and The Clash's Lost In A Supermarket.  The sound quality is amazing and while listening you get the feeling that you actually are at the show!


Tracklist :

01. Reign Of Devils
02. Cannibal Holocaust
03. Teenage Universal Creature
04. Mondo Video
05. Good Ol Ed
06. Last Caress
07. A Deeper Shade Of Red
08. Most Beautiful Corpse
09. Sweet Love Sobotomy
10. Legendary Jack
11. Monster Mutant Boogie
12. Lost In The Supermarket
13. Sad Serenade
14. Blood On Satans Claw
15. I See Red
16. Who Will Survive?
17. Plainfield Love
18. Technicolor Terror
19. Moonlight Sonata
20. Mörder Blues
21. Poison

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