CHOP TOPS, THE : Evil Six, Revisited
Album Evil Six, Revisited
Format CD
Label Swillbilly music
Year 2011
Genre Reved Up Rockabilly, Old-school Psychobilly

CHOP TOPS, THE : Evil Six, Revisited

This 3rd release from the Revved-Up Rockabilly/Psychobilly trio was originally recorded back in 2001 and has now been overhauled and revisited 11 years later!

Everything from re-recorded thumping upright bass through bright and full vocals, crisp guitars, and snapping drums shine on this revamped classic. "Evil Six - Revisited" has also been carefully mixed and mastered, something we were unable to produce on the previous original release.
In short the album is finally as the band intended and it sounds incredible ,including a cover of the Misfits "American Nightmare" & the AC/DC classic "Rocker".


Tracklist :

01. Sun Down
02. Let’s Ride
03. Hey Baby
04. I’m A Rocker
05. Doin’ My Best
06. Evil Six
07. Bad One Stomp
08. Drinkin’My Life Away
09. American Nightmare
10. Johnny Law
11. I Miss You So
12. Too Many Cats
13. 13 Months

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