BEAT-MAN : Beat-man's world
Album Beat-man's world
Format Vinyl 7'' EP
Label Squoodge Records
Year 2014
Genre Primitive Rock'n Roll, Garage, Trash blues

BEAT-MAN : Beat-man's world

6 Times a great 7 inch packed in a great box!!! Is the world a "Beat-Man's World"? Here comes the perfect gift for all record nerds and Beat-Man lovers. So sharp your ears and find out what the Beat-Man has done in the last 25 years for the music world. Whether he plays with The Monsters or Die Zorros. Or whether he is the Reverend or Lightning Beat-Man or the Beat Opa. And you can already hear the next generation. Beat-Man's son Chet could be the next screamin'-star. Yes, this world is a "Beat-Man's World"!!! Ltd. to 500 copies only. Direct metal mastering, black wax, big center holes, full colored inside out 300gr/m cardboard sleeves with 3mm spine, full colored gloss paint heavy hardcover slipcase box.


Tracklist :

Side A: 01. Orchester Beat-Man & The Wild Alien : Beat Opa (2000)
Side B: 02. Screaming Chet: Chet Rock (2006)
Side C: 03. Skelleton Surfers: Out Of Limit (1999)
Side D: 04. The Preachers From The Bat Balloon: Nothing (1992)
Side E: 05. Lightning Beat-Man : We Are So Fucked Up (1995)
Side F: 06. Orchester Beat-Man & The Wild Alien: 30s Shake (2000)
Side G: 07. Lightning Beat-Man : Tonight (1988)
Side H: 08. Reverend Beat-Man And The Church Of Herpes: Astro Zombie Twist (2000)
Side I: 09. Die Zorros: Final Countdown (2002)
Side J: 10. Reverend Beat-Man : A Letter To Myself - Demo (2007)
Side K: 11. The Coronets: Mary Mary (1989)
Side L: 12. The Monsters: Psych-Out With Me (1995)

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