NIGHT NURSE : Night Nurse
Album Night Nurse
Format CD
Label Wolverine
Year 2014
Genre Psychobilly

NIGHT NURSE : Night Nurse

Here is NIGHT NURSE with her bloodromantic debut album! Night Nurse comes from the dark northern land Finland Experience her medieval ways and lethal music that mixes creepy vibes and fast psychobilly.Blood and guts, injections and catchy tunes. She built up her band from old-school punks and psychos with several operations and blood tranfers. Now she is ready to operate you. BEWARE THE NURSE!

List Price : €10,49
You Save : €2,00 (19%)

Tracklist :

01. Where Shadows Go
02. Obsession
03. Mean Old Low Down Dirty Bastard
04. Cursed
05. Deep Sleep
06. Leathal Romance
07. Beauty Box
08. Mad Man Blows The Fuse
09. You Took Poison
10. Teenage Kaliman
11. Nude Girls Live Shows Take Away Babes
12. So Long Gone Sleep

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