GRANPA’S GULLY ROCK : Vol 5 : 25 Dynamite R&B Gems
Album Vol 5 : 25 Dynamite R&B Gems
Format CD
Label Floridita Records
Year 2015
Genre 50s & Early 60s Rock n Roll, R&B, Roots

GRANPA’S GULLY ROCK : Vol 5 : 25 Dynamite R&B Gems

25 Dynamite R&B Gems!!! Here, at last, you have the new volume in the 'Granpa's Gully Rock' series. As always a collection of danceable late 50's and early 60's r&b songs, focusing this time mostly on vocal groups. Sometimes nicknamed "the forgotten third of Rock and Roll", vocal group music isn't always thought as dance music, and that's a wrong perception. Vocal groups were doing like solo artists or instrumental combos also did, and on those years many groups were into dance music as you will find on this new album. Obviously a few solo artists are thrown into the compilation for a perfect combination! So here again you'll find the best collection of songs to add to your dance party!!

Tracklist :

01. Cha Jezebel : The Notes
02. The Cootie Snap : The Vocaleers
03. I Still Love You : Andre Williams
04. Gotta Quit You : The Clovers
05. She's A Flirt : The Jewels
06. The Same Old Story : The Champions
07. Trill Me So : The Cadillacs
08. You Got It : Arthur Alexander
09. Soft Touch : George Davis
10. Just You And I : Guitar Red
11. Jungle Superman : The Individuals
12. Love You Some More : The Interiors
13. Big Mary's House : The Solitaires
14. Voodoo Doll : The Interiors
15. Your Lover Man : The Fleettones
16. You Crack Me Up : Charlie Baker
17. Bloodhound : Larry Bright
18. So Fine : The Dynamics
19. My Kind Of Baby : The Five Chesnuts
20. Educated Fool : Charles Brown & Amos Milburn
21. Somebody Somwhere : Larry Birdsong
22. Jungle Dan : Jerry Thomas
23. Take Away These Chains : Tammy McKnight
24. Graveyard : The Blenders
25. I Volunteer : Little Gigi


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