MONDO A GO-GO : In go-go we trust
Album In go-go we trust
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax
Year 2015
Genre Trash, Garage, Rock n Roll

MONDO A GO-GO : In go-go we trust

A super deluxe edition of this fantastic LP, chronicling their 20-year career to date and featuring alternate versions of tracks from their first three albums and only 7-inch. The beautiful package was designed by Mondosean and Wendy Phillips (L7). The LP is pressed on translucent red vinyl and includes an alternate sleeve inner, superb illustrations and extensive liner notes, and a download code. This is a hand-numbered edition of only 300 copies. The Mondo a Go-Go began in 1996 as a collective of musicians who had grown tired of homogenous corporate manufactured "music styles" such as grunge, Britpop and the whole Boy Band thing. The ethos of this shifting pool of disparate souls was to get back to the raw, exciting, primal roots of Rock ’n’ Roll. The Mondo a Go-Go play live regularly throughout central Scotland and their primitive Rock n’ Roll oozings have been witnessed as far afield as San Sebastian and Bilbao in the Basque Country. They released their first album, "In Go-Go We Trust" in 1998, and completed it’s follow-up, entitled "Cry of the Blonde Goddess" in 2002, which continued the tradition of their trademark trash-infested garage rock’n’roll.

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Mondo A Go-Go
02. In Go-Go We Trust (Single Version)
03. Wild Guitar
04. Sister Street Fighter
05. Vigilante (Single Mix)
06. Crazy Date
07. Kool In A Girl (The True Measure)
08. Outta Body Rock 'n' Roll Experience
09. Shakedown
10. You Dig My Grave
Side B :
11. The Ballad Of Dario Banzai
12. 45 RPM (It's About Time)
13. Kozure Ohkami
14. Born To Lose
15. Gearhead
16. Dracula, Prisoner Of Frankenstein
17. The Day I Was Born
18. Faceless
19. Lucky The Inscrutable
20. La Comtesse Noire


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