COME N' GO, THE : Tumbling heights
Album Tumbling heights
Format CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2016
Genre Garage, Trash, Rock n roll

COME N' GO, THE : Tumbling heights

A Swiss Acid Trash Raw Power, Rock’n’Roll Trip !! Direct From an up-in- smoke, low-rider garage , directly into your crummy little home . Includes a version of Bad Brains ‘ Attitude’ from this unorthodox new wave Trash Garage outfit ! Truly a must have ! Formed in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) 2001 by a couple of wild Frantic Teens. Since then, these ROCK'N'ROLL PUNKS played 100's of outrageous live shows and releasing 3 full-length albums on Voodoo Rhythm Records. Over the years there have been some line-up changes but the sound has remained the same. With the 4th album on Voodoo Rhythm the band left the production to the psychedelic mastermind, Markus Staehli, from Roy And The Devil’s Motorcycle Markus created a new, deeper and more atmospheric sound then any of their other records. Call it 'TRASH-PSYCH', 'ACID-PUNK' or just plain old dirty, RAW-POWER, SPACED-OUT ROCK'N'ROLL. It's a massive mess of reverb and delay, distorted vocals, Memphis -Style Boogie and tripped out thunder beats. By far this is one of the most adventurous records to date on Voodoo Rhythm. Get this one today and ruin any party tonight! - Reverend Beat-Man says: "High Speed Rhythm n’ Blues”, „One of the best Live Bands ever!” - Jack Oblivian says: "Come n go---The high-speed bullit train screaming down the tracks of punk, rock , and soul, the ride of your fuckin' life!!!” - Harlan T. Bobo says: "the come n'go steal the lightning from your thunder. mutton chops never looked so good, falling off the bar never felt so fun. long live come n'go"


Tracklist :

01. Chateau Phuquoeupe
02. Attitude
03. Today Sometimes
04. Yona’s Blues
05. David Briggs’Talk
06. I’ll sing You A Song
07. Borderland
08. Lemmy
09. We Go On
10. What Is It

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