BEAT FROM PALOOKAVILLE, THE : Come get ur lovin'
Album Come get ur lovin'
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Sleazy
Year 2016
Genre Rhythm & Blues, Rhythm & SKA, Roots

BEAT FROM PALOOKAVILLE, THE : Come get ur lovin'

A great album from a killer rhythm & ska orchestra! The band was formed with members from two Swedish bands: Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather and Trickbag. Get Ready for a totall Rhythm-roots-R'n'R-Swing-Rockabilly injected with some Ska infleunces !! And geust as there are: Mike Sanchez, Natty Bo, James King,Magnus Carlson,etc ...


Tracklist :

Side A : 01. Come Get Ur Lovin'
02. Castin' My Spell
03. The Return Of The Blue Demon 04.Shame and Scandal 05. The Creature (From Outer Space ) (feat. Mike Sanchez)
06. It's Your Voodoo Working (feat. Natty Bo)
07. No Blow ,No Show
Side B 01. Burnt Toast And Black Coffe (feat. Magnus Carlson)
02. Killed By Numbers
03. Le Bikini Microscopique (feat. James King)
04. Bald Head Baby
05. Just One Little Girl (feat. Natty Bo)
06. The Wobble
07. I Wanna Holler

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