NO-THINGS, THE : Here Comes.....
Album Here Comes.....
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Sound Flat
Year 2016
Genre Raw Rockin Garage Punkers

NO-THINGS, THE : Here Comes.....

The No-Things' style features a dirty, rough Medway-sound with a wild attitude and just enough punkrock influences to shake and party to! Containing catchy, furious tunes like 'The Norvin' and raw, rockin' garage-punkers like 'Why Do You Love Me', this is a wild, screaming piece of vinyl that makes a lot of (garage-)noise indeed! If you dig that lo-fi garage-sound à la Thee Headcoats or Billy Childish , THE NO-THINGS will definitely be your cup of tea!

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Don't Get On My Tits
02. Diamond Ring
03. The Norvin
04. I Know An Old Woman
05. J'vais Etre Riche
06. Who Did You Rob Bob?
07. Why Do You Love Me ?
Side B :
01. Purple Dance
02. Stickin' Around
03. Champagne
04. Birds Flyin'Outta My Head
05. The Dollar Bills
06. And Then She Was Gone
07. I'm All Alone


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