BONE MACHINE, THE : Sotto Questo Cielo Nero
Album Sotto Questo Cielo Nero
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Billy Bone
Year 2017
Genre Rockabilly Psychosis, Garage-Punk, Rock n Roll

BONE MACHINE, THE : Sotto Questo Cielo Nero

The Bone Machine is the desperate, grotesque and dark side of the Italian rock'n'roll. In this new album, the band digs deeper and deeper in the dirty mud of the swamp revealing new stories - as bloody dreams - that you could hear from lovers and drunken customers of the cafe in the cemetery. 13 tracks, 3 from the latest 7" "Noi Siamo zombies", where the masked band pours 17 years of wild freedom and madness. Once again psychotic Rockabilly, Garage Punk and Blues blend with lyrics carved with nails on the toilet walls of the cemetery cafe that gives onto the hell. The sound is enlarged with new fiery elements and collaborations proving that you do not travel through just one dimension: Violin, Organ, Harmonica, Sax and Piano match guitar, double bass and drums in the dark alleys of a labyrinth where you can lose and meet your beloved / hated demons. The album starts with "RocknRoll o Morte" whose beginning is a brief tribute to the late 50s Desperate Rock'n'roll, "RocknRoll Guitar" by Johnny Knight (1958). As for the rest is to explore as the depths of an ocean that hides wrecks and tells the story of a never forgotten past. Artwork is by the wonderful touch of Gerlanda di Francia. BLACK vinyl edition 180 gr !! Lim 300 copies !!!+ Free CD !!( includes the whole album)


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Rock'n'Roll O Morte
02. Noi Siamo Zombie
03. L'Uomo Gorilla
04. Sono Sempre Un Cane
05. Corsa All'Inferno
06. Questa Notte Ce Ne Andremo Via
Side B :
01. Siedi Accanto Al Fuoco
02. La Luna E La Notte
03. Nella Fredda Terra
04. L'Osservatore
05. Senza Più Niente
06. Un Altro Sorso Di Veleno
07. Scavo La Mia Fossa

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