MEGATONS, THE : Meltdown !
Album Meltdown !
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2017
Genre Rockabilly injected with Garage, Rockabilly Psychosis

MEGATONS, THE : Meltdown !

Long before Boz Boorer became Morrisey's right hand man, he'd already enjoyed fame as the guitarist of The Polecats. But in late 1982 he'd joined forces with Rockin' Lloyd Tripp (The Vibes, The Bugs, The Sting Rays, Blubbery Hellbellys, Zipguns), Bob Martin (The Vibes, Margin Of Sanity) and Gary 'Gaz Voola' Boniface (The Vibes, Purple Things, Terminal Cheesecake) to record this (now legendary) session. This is not tepid, neo-rockabilly or any of that revival type nonsense. It's the real deal, primal and primitive rockabilly that sounds like it was recorded on a speed binge, sometime in the mid-'50s. Truly awesome! what you get is 19 tracks of Primo, Frantic, Rockin' Slop....Trashy as Hell !.....Welcome to the MELTDOWN ! Psychotic Rockabilly at it's best.

Tracklist :

Side 1 : San Francisco session 2002
01. Jump Baby Jump
02. Honey Hush
03. Lonesome Baby Blues
04. How Can You Be Mean To Me !
05. Froggy Went A Courtin'
06. Please Give Me Something -Take 1
07. Please Give Me Something -Take 2
08. Please Give Me Something -Take 3
Side B : London Session 1982
01. Fool I Am
02. Little Bitty Mama
03. Rockin' Mama
04. Sweet Love
05. Ice Cold Baby
06. Move Baby Move
07. Blue Swingin' Mama
08. Do Me No Wrong
09. Caldonia
10. Baby Don't Love Me No More
11. Please Give Me Something


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