Album Death Of An Angel
Format Vinyl 12'' LP + CD
Label Voodoo Rhythm
Year 2017
Genre Garage, Trash, Rock n Roll, Punk


LP comes in a JACKED HEAVY PAPER Cover + FREE CD + POSTER On that Album Destination Lonely take you on a Love Cruise direct to hell with Heavy Distorted Guitars and Wah Wah Guitar solos or very French Soft Depro Heroin Groove Moods. The opener of the album is a cover version from Memphis chaos rockabilly trash trio the Gibson Brothers 'DIRT PREACHER' from the mid 80's. Then there is a killer cover version of Donald Woods AND THE Vel-Airs from 1955 'Death Of An Angel'. They punk it completly up and make it as desperate only Destination Lonely can. The Whole album is a mix of very dirty Guitar sounds and very Desperate Slow Death Love songs. Destination Lonely , three Angry Young Men from Toulouse / Bordeaux, arise from a rich ROCK'N'ROLL GARAGE NOISE TRASH culture in the South Of France . They played and formed legendary bands such as Blew Up, THE FATALS, Space Beatnicks, Jerry Spider Gang, Beach Bitches, Kung Fu Escelators to name a few, touring around and outside the country and released records on contless labels, and now on the road to nowhere as: DESTINATION LONELY. Lo Spider has his own recording studio 'swamplands' recoring bands like THE SPITS, MAMA ROSIN, MAGNETIX, gozilla, dead ghosts etc.

Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. Dirt Preacher
02. Staying Underground
03. Death Of A Angel
04. I Don't
05. Vanessa
Side B :
01. Straight From Hell
02. Outreau
03. Only One Thing
04. Waste My Time
05. I Walk Alone


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