PIERRE OMAR'S SWING REVUE : I Saw Ghosts / Belzebub
Album I Saw Ghosts / Belzebub
Format Vinyl 7'' EP
Year 2017
Genre Swing, Rock n Roll

PIERRE OMAR'S SWING REVUE : I Saw Ghosts / Belzebub

A scared out spooky midnight creep swing classic by Switzerlands one and only Pierre Omar And His Fearless Group of Swing Cats Feat. Louisa Merino Famous Tab Dancing Sound !
We present you the 2nd Release from Pierre Omer's Swing Revue in HI END SWING-O-RAMA, those 2 songs came out of the Same Recording Session they did in Italy at Outside Inside Studios for the Voodoo Rhythm Album 'Swing Cremona' back in 2016. "I SAW A GHOST", is a SPOOKY song comes along with a very special effect such as Louise Merino TAB DANCING the whole Song, and the song is as well famous because in the Live acts it's the One and Only MISS STRANGE EXOTICA FLOWER LALLA MORTE from Paris performing a risky FIRE AND GLASS FAKIR act. The flip side is written by the Trumpet Player Christoph Gantert who as well sings his song, "BELZEBUB" is the Swiss German verb for the Devil (LORD OF THE FLIES) and the song has a STRANGE MORBID touch could be played by a circus band in the END 30S

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. I Saw Ghosts
Side B :
01. Belzebub


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