DITCHRUNNERS : Rips aus demo Graben
Album Rips aus demo Graben
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Broken Neck Rec
Year 2016
Genre Country Punk, Rock n Roll, Hellbilly Trash

DITCHRUNNERS : Rips aus demo Graben

Accented by pro sound and lighting these are some of the finest musicians found in the Midwest. They will give you a timeless show thatll give you one good reason to stay outta jail, just to see their next show! So Ladies and gents if you love those outlaw sounds, get your fill of The Ditchrunners! The Ditchrunners are on and off the road. Bringing you the good.The bad. & The ugly. But always the best damn Outlaw in the nation!!! Always runnin from the law these boys have played with many acts such as Reverend Horton Heat, Hellbound Glory, Supersuckers, Owen Mays, Bob Wayne, Shooter Jennings, Wayne The Train Hancock, .357 String Band, Joe Buck, Viva Le Vox, Left Lane Cruiser, Hooten Hallers, dirt Daubers, Weedeater, William Elliot Whitmore, Goddamn Gallows, Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy, Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band, Billy Cook, Filthy Still, James Hunnicutt, Calamity Cubes, Molly Gene, Black Eyed Vermillion, Cutthroat Shamrock, Old Kerry Mckee, Pine Box Boys, Hangdog Hearts, Soda Gardocki, Hillbilly Casino, Yankee Cockfight, Joseph Huber, Call Me Bronco, Derek Dunn, Whiskeydick, Brook Blanche, Lady Beast, Mikey Classic, Ando Ehlers, S.S. Web, Saint Christopher, Urban Pioneers, Hook N Krooks, and The Drunken Cuddle. A blend of Briliant mix of country Punk -Hellbilly-R'n'R..be warned ! see for yourself boys and girls ! https://www.bandpage.com/TheDitchrunners

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Ditchstomp
02. Horseplay
03. Cannibal Ballad
04. Ghost Train
05. Slashburner
06. 710 Vs. 420
Side B:
01. Whiskey Smoke
02. Truck Driving Wildman
03. Musky Jacks
04. Yankee Yell
05. Street Rat
06. Mongers Song
07. White Horse


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