COCKROACHES : Rest in Pieces
Album Rest in Pieces
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Area Pirate
Year 2017
Genre Psychobilly

COCKROACHES : Rest in Pieces

The band was born in 2011, recording immediately after an EP, and then their first album "STOMP AROUND THE TOMBS" (2014), which contains 15 original tracks.
Their sound is a skeletal rockabilly, devoted to the roots but with a punk attitude. Deaf and essential drums by Mr. Hyde exalts the cavernous and often mocking singing of shamanic Bandido Maldito!
So, the sharp and raw guitars of a vampirian Greri along with the surfer bass of Labanero! Born in Rome, but their world is a dark world, never kissed by sun, a world where werewolves, zombies and other terrifying creatures howl at the moon, stirring up the Lord of Evil, and all this above your flabby buttocks.
Cockraches voodoopsychobilly from ROME.


Tracklist :

01. Hot Rod
02. Psycho Jungle
03. Problem
04. Dirty Fun
05. Zombie Dancing
06. Devil
07. M.F
08. Dog Eat Dog
09. Bolle
10. Hands Of The Devil
11. Rich'n'Poor
12. Pussy,Pepper&Cheese(Feat.Scrubs)
13. C.O.C.K.RO.A.C.H.E.S

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