PSYCHWARD BREAKOUTS, THE : The Psychward Breakouts
Album The Psychward Breakouts
Format CD MCD
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2018
Genre Psychobilly

PSYCHWARD BREAKOUTS, THE : The Psychward Breakouts

Psychward Breakout from Sweden are a trio of five socially depressed and mentally unstable band members. They play happy-go-lucky psychobilly with a ruthless,deadly edge.
The band's beginnings can be traced back to a psychiatric unit in the depths of beyond (if you ask the band members!).Truth is, it started just under two years ago, like most bands, in a shitty, stinking practice room in Sweden.
They have been playing live here, there and everywhere but, they also like to keep their set a psychofest of the highest quality. So they spend a lot of time in a stinking hole, fixing new ideas to serve to the unsuspecting public!

Tracklist :

01. Johnny Bastard
02. Maggots
03. Pretty girl
04. Spiders
05. Dead


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