HILLMANS : Taking The Trash Back In
Album Taking The Trash Back In
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2018
Genre Garage Rock n Roll, Trash-Punk-Psychosis

HILLMANS : Taking The Trash Back In

The 4th album but the 1st to be released on vinyl from Brighton (UK) based The Hillmans. It's been described as 'Nasty As F..K but pure R'n'R'... Taking a hard edged approach to their own blend of garage punk and primal rockabilly the pace on this album doesn't let up, from the almost Stoogeseque 'I Feel Alright' to the out and out savage rockabilly of 'Come On Little Mama', it's relentless!
A real alternative to the countless Cramps wannabees and an antidote to the purists (both '50s and '60s), it's a back to basics, real R'n'R album. This one is limited to 500 copies

Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Swampdevil
02. I Feel Alright
03. Change
04. Gonna Miss Me
05. Walking In The Woods
06. Dog Man
Side B :
01. The DT's
02. Whoa Blue Baby
03. Lazy bones
04. Come On Little Mama
05. Hey Old Kiddie
06. Swamp Devil V2


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