AHBE CASABE : Volume 2 (Exotic Blues & Rhythm)
Album Volume 2 (Exotic Blues & Rhythm)
Format Vinyl 10'' MLP
Label Stag-O-Lee
Year 2018
Genre 50s Rock n Roll, Exotica, Blues, Bop-Rhythm

AHBE CASABE : Volume 2 (Exotic Blues & Rhythm)

Repress of 700 copies on clear vinyl. 'Volume 2' follows the same recipe and melds popcorn with exotic rhythm & blues, adding traces of calypso and Afro-Cuban flavour.
But this ain't no lame exotica trip, these tracks are made for the dancefloor as well as for tiki-themed pool parties. Also works in the privacy of your home.

Tracklist :

Side 1:
01. Jack La Force : Cleopatra Kick
02. Marti Barris : Ahbe Casabe
03.Steve Arlen : They Took John Away
04.Bruce Cloud : Lucky Is My Name
05.Dickie Thompson : Thirteen Women And One Man
06.Rene Hall And His Band : Cleo.
Side 2:
01. Machito And His Orchestra : Asia Minor
02.Mamie Perry : Lament
03.Bill Haley And His Comets : Chick Safari
04.Lord Kitchener : Big Bamboo
05.Jamie Coe : Cleopatra
06.Kip Tyler : Shadow Street.


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