MINGS, THE : The Mings
Album The Mings
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2018
Genre Garage Rock n Roll, Trash-Punk

MINGS, THE : The Mings

The long awaited debut LP from The Mings is finally here...Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Hipbone Slim), Wild Ming (Marky Wildstone)...Give you their savage, mutant Garage Punk sounds with a touch of Surf for good measure.....Sounds like some deranged, mid-60's Texas Punk.....11 blistering tracks of top notch trash.
Be warned...this isn't some weak ass paisley 60's folk shit pretending to be Punk..This is the real deal. 11 on the Richter scale.......
Do The Ming !........

Tracklist :

Side One :
01. Up In Smoke
02. Heavy Water
03. I Lied
04. Decaptation
05. Mongo A Go Go 01. Change Your Mind
02. Do The Ming!
03. Merciless
04. Flash In The Pan
05. Out Of Sight
06. Hand Of Ming


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