STEELER'S TRIO : Fat Mama's Tamales
Album Fat Mama's Tamales
Format Vinyl 7'' EP
Label O-Ha Records
Year 2019
Genre Rock'n Roll, Jazz, Rockabilly

STEELER'S TRIO : Fat Mama's Tamales

The Steeler's Trio are one of the finest band from Belgium when it comes to the point to mix Westernswing, some Rockabilly, Blues with a huge Impact of Jazz.
Actually not a real trio, the bands line-up speaks for itself. Jorge (steel guitar) was a member of the legendary Tennessee Boys and 49 Special,.and Jack is rated as one of the best double bass musicians on the continent (I don't mention the endless row of band and musicians he worked with) whilst the other members follow that path when it comes to talent.
The band is not playing the usual Rockabilly or Westernswing / Hillbilly stuff. They put their music-backround on a new level and add much more Jazz into their tunes. The result is a damn fine mixture of a far more than entertaining musiccocktail.
Singe- sided 45' / big centerhole / black cardboard sleeve Special Label sticker designed by Gito Lima Label Artwork by Marcel Bontempi 150 copies only

"Fat Mama's Tamales" is a very good example for what the band stand for.... elegant, but still a bit rough, jazzy rockin' Swinging Rootsmusic. For sure not the hottest Rockabilly-Bop in town, but judge by yourself!

Tracklist :

Oha Side :
01. Fat Mama's Tamales


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