SKINHEAD REGGAE 1969 : 14 Jamaican Classics
Album 14 Jamaican Classics
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Kingston Sounds
Year 2019
Genre Reggae

SKINHEAD REGGAE 1969 : 14 Jamaican Classics

The Sound of Now...mentioned in The Return of Jack Slade by Derrick Morgan was the sound of 1969/1970 and that sound was the sound of Jamaican Reggae. The look at the time was the Skinhead fashion borrowed heavily from the Jamaican Rude Boy style. The Skinhead movement started around 1968 and by the following year of 1969 became the style and fashion of many British teenagers. The uniform of the Skinheads consisted of boots,braces and jeans and the upbeat Reggae sound seemed to match the style perfectly. Never before has a music matched a look more perfectly than that of the Skinhead/Rude Boy and Jamaican Reggae sound. So stand up and move your feet one more time to the Skinhead Reggae Sound!!!

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Warfare : Bunny Lee All Stars
02. The Conquerer : Derrick Morgan
03. Bossa Moon : ss Binns
04. The Return Of Jack Slade : Derrick Morgan
05. Annie Pama : Bunny Lee All Stars
06. Cu tting Blade : king Horror
07. Revenge Of Eastwood
Side B:
01. Melting Pot-max Romeo
02. Clap Clap : The Hippy Boys Featuring Max Romeo
03. Walk With Des : The Des Allstars
04. Peace Maker : The Hippy Boys
05. Death Rides A Horse : The Hippy Boys
06. Dreams To Remember : The Hippy Boys
07. In The Spirit : Lloyd Chambers


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