DAS CLAMPS : Shit Music For Shit People
Album Shit Music For Shit People
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2019
Genre Rockabilly Psychosis, Garage, Trash, Rock'n Roll

DAS CLAMPS : Shit Music For Shit People

Bloody hell... you'd buy this for the cover alone! The sexiest Cramps influenced duo ever! Featuring Tina (from Oh Gunquit!) and her gorgeous sidekick Clementine, these two gals deliver an absolute killer album of monumental Crampsesque proportions. This ain't no tribute, cabaret bullshit... it's pure r'n'r, stripped down big noise, oozing sex and decadence. Just look at those vixens! Do the Quahog Stomp while you get Clamped by the Human Clams, but... don't bend over, they're driving! These gals have quite a rabid following. So let's be frank about this, it ain't going to be around for very long so get in early and Stay Sick! Limited to 500 copies.

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. I'm Clamped
02. New Kind Of Fixx
03. Go0 Goo Muck
04. Bad Taste
05. Primitive
Side B:
01. You Got Good Shit
02. Quahog Stomp
03. People Ain't No Good
04. Human Clam


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