OS CATALEPTICOS : Zombiefication
Album Zombiefication
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2019
Genre Psychobilly

OS CATALEPTICOS : Zombiefication

Fast, Powerful and Ghoulishly blood thirsty Psychobilly album from Os Catalepticos, demonic Psychotic Mutants from Brazil. Lots of hard rockin' guitar, high speed slap bass and pulsating Psychobilly rhythms. 2019 re-release of this rare 2000 LP! A much sought after album from the brasilian Psychobilly trio! Fast, wicked and powerful!!

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. Terrible Nightmares
02. River Of Blood
03. Zombio
04. Hot Rod Funeral
05. My Damnation
06. Like In A Gasoline Tank
Side B:
01. El Dia De Los Nuertos
02. The Cursed
03. Chainsaw and Blood
04. Freaks
05. Ever Loving Fingers
06. Rumble


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