CREEPSHOW, THE : Sell Your Soul
Album Sell Your Soul
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Crazy Love Records
Year 2019
Genre Psychobilly, Horror-Punk, Rock'n Roll

CREEPSHOW, THE : Sell Your Soul

The Long Awaited Re-Release of the CREEPSHOW classic debut „Sell Your Soul“…. Enter if you dare(!) into the world of Canada's psycho punk sensation THE CREEPSHOW. A group whose fiendish mix of 1950's influenced rockabilly, and punk rock energy will have you shaking your hips, singing along and quite possibly howling at the next full moon! From the spine-tingling opening of "The Sermon" and the one-two punch of "Creatures Of The Night", on through the almost pop-like hooks of "Cherry Hill" and "Candy Kiss", the band's debut album SELL YOUR SOUL is as much fun as getting hopped up on massive amounts of sugar with your best ghoulfriend and watching a 3-D, sci-fi, horror b-movie, late on a dark and stormy Saturday night.
Let us warn you though, it's the back half of SELL YOUR SOUL where the real dangers lay... When "Zombie's Ate Her Brain" blasts out of your speakers, you'll want to run for cover! And when lead singer Hellcat goes toe-to-toe with The Matadors lead singer Hooch on the "done-me-wrong" anthem "Doghouse", you'll be left in stitches by the song's hilarious conclusion. But, the real surprise on SELL YOUR SOUL can be found buried on the back end of the album where the listener is hit with the hauntingly beautiful hooks and melody of "The Garden". Even those without souls (and even some who've had 1/2 their brains eaten by zombies!) have been known to shed a tear during the songs final chorus and stunning ending. Then, as quickly as "Psycho Ball & Chain" closes out the album, we guarantee that you'll immediately be back in line to ride this horrifying rollercoaster of fiendish anthems and mournful tunes again and again!

List Price : €14,99
You Save : €1,50 (10%)

Tracklist :

Side A:
01. The Sermont
02. Creatures Of The Night
03. Shake
04. Sell Your Soul
05. Cherry Hill
Side B:
01. Candy Kiss
02. Grave Diggers
03. Zombies Ate Her Brain
04. Garden, The
05. Doghouse
06. Psycho Ball & Chain

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