SECOND BELGIAN PUNK CONTEST : Second Belgian Punk Contest
Album Second Belgian Punk Contest
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Make Trouble!
Year 2019
Genre Garage, Punk, Trash, Dirty Full ahead Rock'n Roll

SECOND BELGIAN PUNK CONTEST : Second Belgian Punk Contest

History repeats itself, here's the Second Belgian Punk Contest! The Second Belgian Punk Contest took place at the end of 2018 in Barlok in Brussels and was the sequel to the infamous 1978 original version, organized by makeTROUBLE! and Jan Cabooter, the organizer of the 1978 edition! A weekend was enjoying punk with sixteen Belgian bands and a jury, composed of Alan Ward (Elton Motello, Electric City Mastering), Peter Slabbynck (Red Zebra, De Lama's ...), Jacques De Pierpont (Aka "PomPom" , Radio Hero and comic book author), Ronny Wynant (Belgian punk expert and author of the Belgian punk book 'Bloody Belgium') and Marcor (the man behind Les Slugs, René Binamé, Aredje, Punkulture). So we have here 16 bands ....not every band here is pure punk , some of them are more Garage or Speedrock minded or just Trash ! But there's always that going back to Punk ! So play loud !!!

Tracklist :

Side A:
01.The Sillycons : Figure Head
02.Pancakes : Belgian Renegate
03.Big Fat Toddlers : Riot
04.Het Lood : Lies
05.Bombsite Kids : I Won't Tell The Time
06.Garbage Bags : Think Of You
07.Mostly Whites : The Lovely Poorly Educated
08.Slovenians : Dirty Mind
Side B:
01.The F'kk'n G'dd'mn Luckies : Bar Lobotomy
02.Mad Virgins : Fuck & Suck
03.Black Triangle Drugs : Psycho II
04.Raxola : Strip On My Mind
05.The 4 Banksters : I'm A Bankster
06.Steele Justice : KMS Anthem
07.Mitraille : Voices In My Head
08.Ablasnieff Krugxzzz Groep : Thalidomide Child


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