X RAY CAT TRIO : Love, Blood & Monsters
Album Love, Blood & Monsters
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Trash Wax Records
Year 2020
Genre Fast Forward R'n'R, Surf, Desperate wild Neo Rockabilly, Psychobilly

X RAY CAT TRIO : Love, Blood & Monsters

14 tracks recorded over the course of 2019 picking up from where their last album ('Out For Blood') left off. The X Ray Cat Trio (from Leeds, UK) deliver a killer blend of dark surf ('Mermaid Of Fiji'/'Demiurge'), Ramones inspired r'n'r ('Don't Wanna Be In The Getalong Gang') and some seriously kick ass tunes, there's even a touch of spaghetti western mariachi on ('Deathrace 2000'). There's a double bass in here but don't let that fool you, these aren't some 'throwback' show, they're just looking back while going firmly forward. Dirty r'n'r at its finest. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Tracklist :

Side A:
03.Deathrace 2000
04.When You Gonna Do It
05.The Devil's Cum Rag Part 2
07.Lonely Lonely Lonely Lonely Night
Side B:
01.Getalong Gang
02.Ah C'Mon
03.Oh Baby Why Don't You Come Home
04.The Fiji Mermaid
06.Goodnight Little Vampire
07.Nina Noelle


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