LOS ASS-DRAGGERS : Stinkin'Alive !
Album Stinkin'Alive !
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Family Spree
Year 2020
Genre Garage, Rock'n Roll, Punk

LOS ASS-DRAGGERS : Stinkin'Alive !

Los Ass-Draggers began their early career as Smellie Fingers, releasing through American and Australian labels. From their last album, 'Fuma' in 2012, Los Ass-Draggers return after eight years with 'Stinkin' Alive' : 20 tracks of overwhelming Garage-R'n'R & punk.


Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01.Bid Daddy
02.College Radio Shit
03.Karate Mountain Men
04.Limbo Dancer
05.Virtua Fuck
06.F.U. Dirty Old Man
07.Big Black Joe
08.What About The Fucking Martians
09.Jap Copykitty
10.Satan Never Sleeps
Side B:
01.Big Boner
02.Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia
03.Go Ahead
04.Make Me Rock
05.What Do Ya Do
06.Cheapo Beer
07.Rocket Fuel
08.Never Comin' Home
09.Party With Your Pants Down
10.Treat Me Like A King

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