DIRTY BURGER : Part Time Loser
Album Part Time Loser
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Pure Lust
Year 2020
Genre Garage, Trash Rock'n Roll (with Punk influences)

DIRTY BURGER : Part Time Loser

Dirty Burger started out in early 2015 as a three-piece band, playing garage rock with punk and boogie influences. They have earned their reputation as an energetic live act. 'Part Time Loser' is a collection of ten songs that have been written during a four-year period and has influences from the 60's garage rock scene, and the 70's/80's punk scene. The album features Johannes Cronquist on organ.


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Part Time Loser
02. Video Violence
03. Drained
04. Information Overload
05. Six Shooter
Side B :
01. L.S.D
02. Rat vs.Creep
03. New Dawn
04. Suburbia
05. Purpose

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