Album Vol. 1
Format Vinyl 12'' Double LP
Label Stag-O-Lee
Year 2021
Genre Primitive, Desperated 50's & 60's Rock'n Roll, Early Garage& instro


Double LP version. Stag-O-Lee continue the DJ Set series with a compilation by cult DJ and master of many compilations, Keb Darge. Liner notes from Keb Darge (London October 2020): "Rockabilly didn't cross my world until the early nineteen eighties at a Dirtbox weekender in Bournemouth, until then I was a pure northern soul boy. I didn't really get stuck into collecting the stuff until a decade later, but when I did what a wonderful world of tunes opened up to me, and I went wild on it. I was very lucky to be doing a record stall in Camden market at the time just across from Boz Boorer and Neil Scott's stall. They along with other serious collectors Dave Vickers, Barney Koumis, Cosmic Keith, Jim Fox, Dave Crozier, and many others taught me all I needed to know. I only ever made one great rockabilly discovery which none of them knew, 'Little Bit Lonesome' by Charles Ross, but I was happy enough buying all their recommendations as they were all new and exciting for me. I have done several rockabilly comps before, but sadly the Philippines typhoon in 2013 destroyed my village and forced me to sell the bulk of my collection. Here are some of my favorites that I never got round to putting out before that happened. Two of the aforementioned collectors are no longer with us. I therefore dedicate this comp to Dave Vickers and Cosmic Keith who both had a huge influence on my life and my musical taste.


Tracklist :

Side 1 :
01. Fender IV : Everybody Up
02. The Sonics : Marlene
03. James Mask : Hootchie Coochie Gal
04. John Worthan : The Cats Were Jumpin'
05. Vince Maloy : Hubba Hubba Ding Ding
06. Don Wade : Gone, Gone, Gone
07. Billy Wayne : I Love My Baby
08. Wally Willette and his Globe Rockers : Pink Elephants
Side 2 :
01. Darrell Rhodes And The Falcons : Four O'Clock Baby
02. Arlie Miller And The Bullets : Lou Ann
03. Cruisers : Betty Ann
04. Joe D. Johnson : Rattlesnake Daddy
05. Bobby McDowell : Lonely
06. Jerry Arnold And The Rhythm Captains : Can't Do Without You
07. Gene Terry : The Woman I Love
08. Glen Glenn : Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt
Side 3 :
01. Red Moore : Crawdad Song
02. Maylon Humphries And His Tri-Seniors : Worried 'Bout You Baby
03. Van Brothers : Servant Of Love
04. Sonny Fisher - Sneaky Pete
05. Benny Cliff Trio : Shake Um Up Rock
06. Gene Norman : Snaggle Tooth Ann
07. Tommy Nelson : Hobo Bop
08. Lloyd McCollough : Gonna Love My Baby
Side 4 :
01. Don Ellis And Royal Dukes : Blue Fire 03. Floyd Mack : I Like To Go
04. Rod Morris : Alabama Jailhouse
05. Carl Trantham And The Rhythm Allstars : Where There's A Will
06. Jim Oertling : Back Forty
07. Hodges Brothers : I'm Gonna Rock Some Too
08. Lonesome Drifter : Eager Boy

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