FULLMOON FREAKS : B Movies For The Blind
Album B Movies For The Blind
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Wrecking Bones
Year 2021
Genre psychobilly-Garage Trash -Horror R'n'R

FULLMOON FREAKS : B Movies For The Blind

The Scottist crazies are back with another release for us, you might remember them from their split with Grovelhog. But, well, forget about it!!! This is basically another band with another style... yet for sure keep connections with the original forgotten recordings that were featured on the above release, but this is muuuuuch better!! The offering here as you might have read on our promo flyers is a crazy mix of psychobilly, surf, garage trash and punk all performed with great production, songwriting and musicianship, the album compiles basically everything the guys recorded since their comeback in the 2010´s, all has been remastered and repackaged onto a beautiful LP to make it work as a powerfull full lenght. Honestly we found them as some of the best offerings of the" Trash" comeback , even thought compare them with those bands couldnt be exactly correct, the band sounds tight and the production is strong, no LO -FI here, also they dont fall in the old standarts, there is a huge variation of sounds through the whole LP. B- Movies for the blind come out limited to 200 copies!! Pressed onto 180 grams vinyl with beautiful inside out cover, including inlay with pictures and extensive liner notes. 100 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on dark zombie green!! Here we have the Black Vinyl edition


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Martian Man
02. King Cobra
03. Strontium Dogs
04. Full Moon Rising
05. Tequilla Frenzy
06. Night Of The Living Dead Side B :
01. Spider Baby 02. Prey 03. Surfboard song
04. Rip Tide
05. Swamp Rockin Baby
06. Crazy House Bonus
07. Strontium Dogs'Slow Version)

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