DEPARTAMENTO B : The Hidden Side Of The Beach
Album The Hidden Side Of The Beach
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label last Groove
Year 2021
Genre Psychobilly, Garage

DEPARTAMENTO B : The Hidden Side Of The Beach

Again a compilation of several bands , the most songs are from Departamento B here their self released vinyl ep on CD the Hidden side of the beach with bonus songs and on top 4 x Iberia Trash songs and 2 songs from The Nafarrak this time in a pyschobilly-western style this band is quit unique with mixing all the style's


Tracklist :

DEPARTAMENTTO B: The Hidden Side Of The Beach
01. The Mad Daddy
02. California Sun
03. Island Of Lost Souls
04. Bloody Beach
05. Voodoo Surfers
06. Jungle Hop
07. Living Dead
08. Island Of Lost Souls(live)
09. The Nafarrak ; Devil Western Time
10. Iberia Trash: Cannibal
11. Iberia Trash : El Tren De La Costa
12. Iberia Trash: El Vampiro
13. The Nafarrak : Evil( Return To Devil Western) 14. Iberia Trash : Conclusion

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