DUKES OF TIJUANA : Nymphomaniac
Album Nymphomaniac
Format Vinyl 12'' LP
Label Band Release
Year 2022
Genre Neo-Rockabilly, Rock'n Roll

DUKES OF TIJUANA : Nymphomaniac

DUKES OF TIJUANA Mixing both authentic Rockabilly with 80's Neo-Rockabilly makes the Dukes of Tijuana a great experience for all sorts of fans of the rockin' genre. This is an amazing new band with a fantastic debut album! Bass: Grischa Guitar: Mark Twang Drums: Chris Slazy Vocals: Paddy Evans


Tracklist :

Side A :
01. Movin'
02. Hotel Room
03. Nymphomaniac
04. Hellride
05. Hey Get
06. Rockin'
Side B :
01. Don't Cry Just Drink
02. Coming Home
03. My Life Is A Race
04. Blue Moon
05. Too Much
06. Ruff Diamond
07. She Makes all The Dogs Go Wild

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