BILLY CHILDISH : With thee headcoats / The Milkshakes
Album With thee headcoats / The Milkshakes
Format DVD
Label Cherry Red Films
Year 2004
Genre Garage, Surfpunk, trash, R’n’R

BILLY CHILDISH : With thee headcoats / The Milkshakes

Again a great master on DVD!! Artist, musician, poet, madman, King of Trash punk, to much to mention!!This DVD shows you early concerts from the man with the Milkshakes and Thee Headcoats, two legendary high quality concerts with a great sound, If your digin’ garage, early psychosis, surfpunk, trash , this DVD will surprises you in many ways, also you get a bonus clip from the British cult movie ,Pervirella, featuring , Thee headcotes ‘Beach Bums must Die!’ Hell yeahh!!Running time 80 mins.!!!!!!!!!

Tracklist :

part 1:
The Milkshakes
01. Shimmy Shimmy
02. Pretty Baby
03. Shed Country
04. Little Queenie
05. Jezebel
06. I Want you
07. Jack The Ripper
08. It’s you
09. Please Don’t Tell My Baby
10. The Red Monkey
11. Cadillac
12. Brand new Cadillac

Part 2:
Thee Headcoats
13. Comanche
14. The Girl From 62
15. Pretty Baby
16. All My Feelings Denied
17. Lie Detector
18. Just fifteen
19. Jack the ripper
20. Just like a dog
21. Again and Again
22. The Good Times are Killing Me
23. Gear Box
24. Wild Man
25. Meet Jacqueline
26. Round Every Corner
27. You Can’t Resist
28. Davy Crocket
29. Action Time vision
30. Young blood
31. Troubled times
32. She’s Fine, She’s Mine


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