LUCKY PUNCH, THE : Kick Up A Hullaballoo
Album Kick Up A Hullaballoo
Format CD
Label Dead Beat Records
Year 2004
Genre Garage, Trash, punkrock

LUCKY PUNCH, THE : Kick Up A Hullaballoo

Lucky Punch is a band from the USA, this band have a unique cross between, Garage, US gitar R'n'R, and Trash, even we hear some punkrock influences to ! No need to say that this production is not 1 min. is boring, no un- needed solo's , just straight great music !This band is gonne be a big one in future!

List Price : €14,00
You Save : €8,51 (61%)

Tracklist :

01. A Hell Of a Ride
02. Just Keep on Goin'
03. Twisted Feelings
04. Back In The Days
05. So what You gonne Do about It
06. Behind The smile
07. Kick Up Hullabaloo
08. You got me Goin'
09. Why Don't You spend A Minute
10. Never Gonne Know what you Haven't Tried
11. Wake up girl
12. Far Out

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