CARAVANS, THE : Smashed and Stripped Bare
Album Smashed and Stripped Bare
Format CD Digi-Pack
Label Raucous
Year 2007
Genre Old-School Psychobilly, Neo-rockabilly, Rockabilly

CARAVANS, THE : Smashed and Stripped Bare

Caravans play hard Rockabilly with influences from Punk Rock to Country. With this all-acoustic album, Mark Penington and his cohorts replace the power that runs their amplifiers with a different kind of electricity, sparked by a combination of adrenaline, musicianship and great songs. The material is weighted by originals, but includes covers unexpected for any kind of Rockabilly band.
So if your in need for a special and unique CD by the Caravans , get it !!!A must have for every fan of the Caravans.

List Price : €13,00
You Save : €0,72 (6%)

Tracklist :

01. Get Ahead
02. Wot Am I Gonna Do
03. Dirty Li'l Town
04. Blues Train
05. Restless Heart
06. Pay Back Day
07. Sci-Fi Cowgirl
08. Baby Blue Eyes
09. Nuthin' But A Nuthin'
10. Sign On The Dotted Line
11. X It 19
12. Gimme A Ride
13. Kiss Off
14. Money Changes Everything

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