CARAVANS, THE : Return To Zero
Album Return To Zero
Format CD
Label raucous
Year 2012
Genre Old-school Psychobilly, Neo-rockabilly, Rockabilly

CARAVANS, THE : Return To Zero

There can't be many bands that are equally at home playing to both a Rockabilly and a Psychobilly crowd, yet the Caravans find themselves in that enviable position. Led by multi-talented Mark Penington, the band has been touring and recording for over 20 years. Subtitled "Acoustic And Unhinged", "Return To Zero" sees The Caravans perform some of their best known songs, some new material, and some surprise covers entirely on acoustic instruments. A totally excellent and totally rockin' outing for one of the Psychobilly scene's favourite bands.>br>


Tracklist :

01. No Excuses
02. Breakout
03. Workshy Blues
04. Nice Guys Finish Last
05. Easy Money
06. Solitary Child
07. Treu Love Just Won't Die
08. Money Changes Everything
09. Midnight Train
10. More Whiskey
11. Kiss Off
12. Lost Love Blues
13. Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living
14. Confess
15. Skin And Blister

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