RESTLESS : Originals
Album Originals
Format CD
Label Bluelight Records
Year 2015
Genre Neo Rockabilly, Old School Psychobilly

RESTLESS : Originals

This legendary British band was at the forefront of the Neo Rockabilly movement when the scene surfaced in the early 1980’s. Over the years Restless have managed to create a sound that is at once identifiable and they have gained a strong cult status as well as a large and loyal worldwide following. Their onstage energy, even after thirty years, has not diminished and they still pack houses around the globe and every appearance is guaranteed to be a showstopper. The main man of the group is undoubtedly singer and guitarist extraordinaire Mark Harman. He's an exceptional musician, rightly acclaimed as one of the best guitar players in the rockabilly world. From the very beginning he also wrote strong new original numbers and among these efforts are many considered to be some of the greatest rockabilly songs of the last thirty years. The band was formed in the late 1970’s by brothers Mark and Paul Harman and Ben Cooper. Restless debut album, "Why Don't You Just Rock!”, was released on Nervous Records in 1982 and is now considered a definitive classic in the Genre and beyond. This new scene, fronted by Stray Cats, Polecats and The Blue Cats and called 'neo' rockabilly, had exploded onto the continent, especially in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany, so the band, still in their formative years, headed there where their reputation grew. After the follow-up album, "Do You Feel Restless”, brothers Mark and Paul fell out, resulting in Paul leaving the group to be replaced by Jeff Bayly. The band's sound altered with the addition of guitarist Mick Malone, and they signed with ABC and their profile went through the roof. They pushed their third album "After Midnight” and the singles "Somebody Told Me” and "Just A Friend” with many live appearances on Radio including radio One's Saturday Live program. After thousands of gigs, several albums and lineup changes over 35 years the original trio of Harman, Harman and Cooper entered a studio in Finland in June 2015 to cut a follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Seconds Out” album from 2014. The name of the new album, "Originals” not only means that it's been recorded by the original "Why Don't You Just Rock!” line up, but also that all of the songs on the album are new and original and written by team Harman and Cooper....... and it is fair to say that the songwriting skills of the Guys have not diminished one bit over the years.


Tracklist :

01. Don’t Say It Unlease You Will
02. Get Away
03. I Wanne Get With You
04. The Fool
05. Maraca Man
06. Rat-A-Tat-Tat
07.. Runaway Train
08. I Want It All
09. Travellin’ Man
10. You Drive Me Insane
11. You Know It ain’t Right
12. Some Folk

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